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Consider Harrison Removal as your one-stop clean out partner for all your removal needs.  Contact us to discuss special pricing structures for partner businesses, to ensure our services are at a price that won't upend your bottom line.

We all accumulate stuff. And as a business you may have a room, office, building or a property filled with stuff that needs to be removed. Harrison Removal offers a variety of business to business services for all your removal needs. Though you may have someone on staff to assist with these jobs, why not choose a company whose only focus is removal. 


Harrison Removal is a removal company, in all senses of the word. In addition to removal, we have years of experience completing various demolition jobs. Removing debris and other old structures from a specific area is a tedious project. Harrison Removal, can come in with the proper tools, manpower and expertise to get the job done for you. 


As a business, piles of junk and debris seem to appear out of nowhere. Whether it's has accumulated over time or the result  of a project, before you know it your staring at trash, supplies, equipment or furniture that needs to go. Though it may make sense to use your valuable employees for such a task, this can result in unnecessary headaches. Why not hire a company who knows how to do it fast, safe and at a reasonable cost to you. Harrison Removal has worked with many businesses to remove mountains of unwanted items from homes, apartments and office buildings. 


When dealing with projects that generate a lot of trash and debris, why not have an extra set of hands to help with the large piles that accumulate. As a contractor or manager of a construction project, it’s important that you manage resources, timelines and costs. Removal of debris and junk related to building can be time consuming, arduous and overlooked as an important part of the process. Choosing to partner with Harrison Removal, can alleviate the need for you and your staff to tackle your overwhelming debris piles. 



How often are you left with unpaid leases and rooms filled to the brim with items of all kinds. Though some of it can be sold at auction, the process of going through the space is still quite an ordeal.  With years of auction experience, Harrison Removal can quickly clear out all the items, assist with designating items to be sold and remove all the rest. We’ll do all the work and leave your unit clean and broom swept, ready for the next leaser.


Managing property in Boston. comes with the arduous task of preparing a home or apartment for a new occupant. How often are you left with trash, furniture and anything else the previous tenant didn't bother removing themselves. Instead of doing it yourself, let Harrison Removal clear, remove and clean up the property while you focus on what's most important. Upon vacancy of the property give us a call to come clear any trash, furniture, appliances or anything else left behind. We’ll not only removal all items but clean the unit in preparation for your next tenant. 


Dealing with a foreclosed property, often includes the disposal of items left by the previous owner. Before it can be sold, lived in or shown you have to contend with old furniture, clothing, trash and/or appliances. This task can fall to a realtor, real estate company or business who becomes responsible for the property. Let us take the burden off by clearing, removing and cleaning up the space. 




Changing or moving offices, can be a hassle. Contending with piles of paper, trash or rooms filled with large unwanted furniture and equipment can be overwhelming. Don’t rely on employees to do the work of seasoned professionals, who know how to properly remove and dispose of all your trash. We can also assist with designating items to be donated, re-purposed or recycled according to your wishes. Let Harrison Removal assist with clearing, removing and cleaning the space leave it ready for the next phase of your business. 



Harrison Removal is experienced in executing small and large scale jobs related to demolition and deconstruction projects. We have worked for years to tear down brick buildings, metal buildings, lumber buildings, and in-the-way structures of all sizes. No matter what it is, we’ll take the existing space down to the studs. We can simply assist you and your crew, when extra hands are needed. Or you can assign a project directly to Harrison Removal, while you stay focused on other aspects of your project. 


The main difference between us and other companies is that we have the ability to take the job from start to finish and execute all aspects of the process. Not only do we deconstruct the space, but we’ll remove all the debris leaving the space ready for the next phase of your project. 


Whether you are a contractor, builder or home improvement specialist, Harrison Removal can be your go to demolition partner when additional support is needed.


With so many companies to choose from, you want to pick the right partner that you can trust. Harrison Removal is that company. 


As a police officer, Harrison Removal’s owner, can ensure our services can be trusted and understands the safety of you and your business are of the utmost importance. 


Serving local communities for years, we tackle residential and commercial jobs with the same level of professionalism and integrity. 


With extraordinarily high expectations, our work  is unparalleled not because you ask for it but because we demand it.


We will work with you and your company to create special partner pricing to keep  you, your company and bottom line in mind at all times. 

Kirk built the business with clean outs primarily and then expanded to demos. As the needs of his clients evolved and became more clear, he made connections, hired staff, and bought equipment to meet these needs.


We believe in hard work, the value of work, and in one's word.  As a self proclaimed perfectionist, Kirk takes pride in everything he does and that attitude is evident in every aspect of Harrison Removal.


This is not just a fly by night shop or group of guys with a truck. We know the value of items and have the ability to give estimates or work with families who are facing this situation for the first time.

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